The Connection Class

Membership at North Side means that you are joining a dynamic spiritual family that is focused on your growth and walking beside you and your family as we follow God’s calling on our lives together. Joining a body of Christ is one of the most important spiritual growth steps you can take.


Why do you need a church family?

  • You need healthy relationships that will challenge you to grow.
  • You need to serve God and others with the gifts He has given you.
  • You need to belong to something bigger than yourself.
  • You need a place where you can grow.

What are the personal requirements for membership at North Side?

  • A relationship with and a commitment to follow Jesus Christ
  • Once that question has been satisfied there are four methods of placing your membership at North Side:
    • By Letter
      • Joining the church "By Letter" is designed to allow members of other Baptist churches to transfer their membership from their previous church to North Side.
    • By Statement
      • Joining the church "By Statement" is designed to allow others to join North Side when they are coming from another denomination of like faith and practice.
    • By Baptism
      • Joining the church "By Baptism" is designed for those who have never been immersed following their conversion. We ask all those desiring membership to be baptized, if they have not done so up to this point in their Christian Experience.
    • By Watchcare
      • Joining the church "By Watchcare" is designed for those who are not Baptist, but want to be part of the regular ministry of North Side, while maintaining their present denominational status. "By Watchcare"means that you are a member of North Side in every way, except when it comes to the formal conducting of business of the church.
  • Each of these methods involves attending our Connection Class, a one time, two-hour orientation for you and your family.

How can I sign up for the Connection Class?

If you have further questions about church membership, please don't hesitate to contact one of our ministers. They will be happy to help you understand in greater detail how you might be a part of the fellowship of North Side!

A new member Connection Class is offered almost every month so our next class is just around the corner!