“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105, ESV
As a multi-generational church here in Parker County, we recognize that North Side is made up of all kinds of families – old and young, big and small – experiencing life and issues in so many different seasons. Our desire is to lead, care, and support you and your family no matter the makeup. One of the ways we are seeking to best accomplish this challenge is through our FAITH@HOME strategy which is based on a biblical belief that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship.

To support this belief and your family, we have a great tool in this Faith Path initiative to partner with you as you guide your child’s spiritual journey one step at a time. It is based on age-appropriate kits that have been created to help you leverage the best faith formation strategy for your child’s stage of development. In this BIBLE kit, you will find practical ideas and suggested resources to help you open God’s Word to your child and family. We urge you to start today by taking the following simple steps and look forward to watching your child and family grow in your biblical understanding, relationships, spiritual discussions, and life application.

Check out the provided video that explains this particular kit’s Faith Path step. This video comes directly from the original launch of Faith Path and is used in a partnership with LakePointe Church. You will hear from both experts and ordinary families as they share practical suggestions from their experiences. You will also find a guide that offers practical tips and what we hope are some of the best resources available to your family on this topic.

To help you get started, this kit includes a “Books of the Bible” card to help your child learn the books of the Bible. Challenge your child and learn along with them the books of the Bible listed on the card as a fun introduction to the journey of discovering God’s Word. We hope you find this kit helpful in the process of forming the faith of your child at home. It can be life-changing not only for your child, but your relationship with them and family as you walk through this kit and the Faith Path strategy together in the years to come. Feel free to visit with our staff below to learn more or to determine if your child/children are ready for other Faith Path steps.

Open God's Word to Your Child

One of the greatest joys and responsibilities you have as a parent is to teach your child to love God’s Word in order to build a solid foundation based upon truth. Psalm 119:11 says: “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Help your child discover the importance of God’s Word using the following suggestions:
  • Choose a Bible: Find a translation that is easy for your child to read and understand. Our Children’s Pastor, Brian McKay, recommends the ‘Hands-On Bible’ (NLT version).
  • Model it: You cannot pass to your child something that you don’t have. Schedule a regular time of reading the Bible (morning devotional, study for Sun AM Bible study @ church) where your kids can see you. In addition, schedule daily time to read with them from Scripture. (Suggestion: Start in the New Testament book of John)
  • Use as a guide: Show your child how the Bible can be used as an everyday guide for life by helping him or her search and learn how to use the Bible. This is a great opportunity when your child might be struggling with a particular issue or looking for wisdom on a particular topic. (Learn the books of Old & New Testaments as well as key stories and characters)
  • Keep it simple: Choose one simple Bible truth or verse and repeat it often such as “God is love”, “forgive one another”, etc.
  • Be creative: Don’t just read the story; become the character or use games and crafts to engage all five senses in the learning experience.
  • Don't bluff: It’s okay to not know the answer to a question your child might have. Use the opportunity to show your child how to search in God’s Word for wisdom. Be authentic by admitting that none of us understand everything. Only God is God, and we must learn to trust what He says in the Bible. You can also tell your child you will get back to them within a certain time-period so that you can ask for advice from someone you trust.
  • Study it: Show how to study God’s Word using a simple Bible study plan. Teach your child to look at any scripture and ask questions about the passage such as “Who wrote this passage?”, “What did it mean for the original readers?”, “What does it teach today?”, or “How do I apply this in my life?”
  • Find tools: There are many great tools like a kid’s Bible, Bible storybooks, Christian worship or scripture songs, Christian videos and games to make understanding the Bible easier and more fun.
  • Pray: Ask God to give your child a love for God’s Word as well as understanding and wisdom as they read and memorize scripture.

  • Have your child memorize the books of the Bible by writing them in order and/or singing along with the Old and New Testament songs provided with this kit.
  • Write Bible verses on index cards to put in your child’s Bible, backpack or lunchbox or tape them to the mirror or refrigerator. This not only can serve as encouragement but a way to memorize Scripture.
  • Write out Bible verses using colorful pens or markers, then cut out each word and mix them up on the floor. Play a timed game as you put the verse back in order or make into a memory match game. (Other idea: Make puzzle pieces)
  • Try teaching your child memory verses using sign language or making up your own hand signals.
  • Play a memory game by passing a ball or beanbag as each person says the next word in the verse.
  • Allow your child to pick a book of the Bible, or a book or devotional to read with you at breakfast or bedtime.

Books Of the Bible 


How will you be intentional this next year?
  • Pray daily for and with my child.
  • Consistently spend time in God’s Word with my child.
  • Bless my child daily.
  • Schedule and have regular family times.
  • Serve others and church (neighbors, special projects, etc.)

The next step on the Faith Path is Worship, recommended at age eight. We will offer a Worship kit to guide you.
Check with your child’s age group pastor and see what access you can have to Sunday or Wednesday group Bible lessons – many offer discussion questions or activities for parents to debrief or apply at home.

Parenting with Scripture by Kara Durbin
The Well-Versed Family by Carolyn Boykin
What the Bible is All About: Bible Handbook for Kids by Frances Blankenbaker
What Does the Bible Say About That? by Carolyn Larsen
Seeds Family Worship Scripture Songs from

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