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Go therefore and make disciples...

Worship - Grow - Serve

Our aim is for every individual who calls NSBC home to experience the fullness of living in God’s will through the fundamental actions of worship, growth, and service. A wide variety of ministry outlets serves to provide opportunities to live these out through every age and stage of life.


NSBC offers two styles of worship services: Contemporary Worship and Blended Worship. The Contemporary Worship service is led by a full band and focuses on drawing the congregation into the presence of God through contemporary worship songs. The Contemporary service meets at 9:30am and is geared towards those attending Bible Study at 11:00am. The Blended Worship service meets at 11:00am and is a mix of contemporary worship songs and modern hymns and is designed to serve those attending Bible Study at 9:30am. NSBC encourages visitors to attend both services to determine which is the best fit for them and their families.


True spiritual growth is our highest priority at North Side. While worship is key (and often serves as a catalyst), spiritual growth is best achieved in the context of smaller, interactive groups of people gathered in fellowship to study scripture. To prepare God’s people for growth, we offer Sunday Morning Bible Study Classes, Small Groups (usually meeting on alternating Sunday or Wednesday evenings), and Adult Bible Fellowships (specialized short-term studies usually based on a specific topic or book). We welcome you to explore what we have to offer and see where would be a good fit for you!


Service has a broad scope and includes everything from large teams participating in our foreign missions projects in Honduras and Vancouver, British Columbia; to individuals displaying integrity and taking advantage of “teachable moments” as Little League coaches or taking time off work on a Tuesday afternoon to serve chicken spaghetti at Center of Hope to those who have fallen on hard times. We also serve each other on a regular basis by sacrificing our time and energy to work with toddlers in the nursery on a Sunday morning; serve dinner to other volunteers helping with our monthly Revive ministry to special-needs children and their parents; or even doing something as simple as changing light bulbs for one of our seniors through the Heaven’s Handy Men. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to do something for someone here!

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