He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

The purpose of North Side Women’s Ministry is to equip women for the work of the ministry by discovering their identity in Christ and encouraging spiritual growth by being rooted in the Word and in relationship with God. Our hope is to provide opportunities to build and foster authentic relationships with each other and the younger generations of women and girls. Join us as we all do our part to help the body grow, be healthy and full of love!


Our NSW Volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry. Without them, we could not do any of the things we dream up! We serve together and grow together. When you signup to serve on our Volunteer Team, you also signup to be in a small group with other NSW volunteers. We believe a team that knows each other and grows spiritually, together, is a team that can move mountains. Join us!
To find out how you can be a volunteer contact Rene Fulton our NSW Volunteer Coordinator


Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a non-denominational Christian women's organization designed for mothers with children ages birth to kindergarten. Women who are currently pregnant are also welcome. MOPS exists to meet the needs of every mom - urban, suburban and rural moms; stay-at-home and working moms; married, single, teen and non-traditional moms - moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be the very best moms they can be! Come join us for Fun with Friends, Guest Speakers & Childcare... and, if that's not ENOUGH... we also have Mom's Night Out Events, Children's Play Date Parties and So Much More! You can also check out Weatherford MOPS on Facebook, or www.mops.org

Hearts Like Hannah’s

Hearts Like Hannah’s provides Godly encouragement and resources for women journeying through infertility, failed adoptions, or the death of a baby from conception through early infancy (miscarriages, stillbirth, etc). Struggling with infertility or loss can be very painful, emotional, and isolating. Hearts Like Hannah’s provides an open and safe environment for women to come together on a weekly basis to share their journey and connect with others. Contact Britni Julian or visit us on Facebook.

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