Our Story

The Foundation

In 1897, with the railroad dividing the town of Weatherford, the Baptists living on the north side of the railroad tracks joined together to form their own church. Second Baptist Church was established on the southwest corner of First Street and North Main Street (where our West Lot parking is currently located).

Eleven years later, under the leadership of Pastor B.G. Fronabarger, Second Baptist Church became North Side Baptist Church. As the church grew, additions were made to the original buildings and a Ladies Aid and Missionary Society was founded.

C.H. Ray became pastor of North Side in 1912. The church purchased property on the east side of North Main Street and built a three-story, red brick building at our current location in 1917. Pastor Ray also organized a band and an orchestra, and North Side Baptist Church became known as “the most interesting place in town.”

In 1925, the church built an open-air tabernacle south of the sanctuary to share with other congregations for revival meetings.

During World War II, members of NSBC aided the soldiers at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells and helped to establish the first chapel there under the leadership of Pastor Glenn Bales.


The open-air tabernacle was closed in 1950 to provide a larger sanctuary needed to handle new growth. A new preschool building was also built during this era.

In 1960, when Bob McPherson was pastor, a new sanctuary was completed on the grounds adjacent to the tabernacle and the sanctuary space in the enclosed tabernacle was remodeled into educational space. The front of this new, modern sanctuary was known for its stained glass with a modern storefront construction.

Joe Griffin was pastor from 1961 to 1981. During that time, North Side enjoyed consistent growth and ministry, and again expanded its facility. A new educational building with offices, a choir suite, and upstairs classrooms was built during Pastor Griffin’s tenure. In addition, a chapel, fellowship hall, and kitchen, as well as several additional classrooms were constructed within the tabernacle building (this would later become our current Fellowship Hall and Chapel).

Another key remodeling project was completed in 1989 after Don Emmitte became pastor. This included completely refurbishing the existing sanctuary and adding beautiful woodwork details. The church’s new focal point became a 75-foot white cross which could be seen from many locations around Weatherford.

Completed in 1998, our Community Life Center (later renamed the John Allen Gym) has become a regular hub of activity, hosting many church and community events throughout the year. Besides a gymnasium and full kitchen, this space includes several of our classrooms.


Van N. Houser became our senior pastor in 1998, and under his leadership the church body  continued to grow both outwardly and inwardly. A strategic emphasis was begun in 2005 with the purpose of integrating budget giving with financial contributions toward our building fund as we sought to expand our physical space without losing ministry impact or focus. This campaign was begun with the intention of constructing a new Worship Center and Children’s Building, as well as renovating most areas of the campus. The first step of this major project was to expand the sanctuary foyer space for the addition of new restrooms and gathering space in 2005.

Knowing that the most effective way to support our expanding population of families was to focus on our Children’s Ministry, we chose to begin construction with a new Children’s Building, breaking ground for this project on July 15, 2007.

On August 17, 2008, a little more than a year after breaking ground, the new NSBC Children’s Building was dedicated to the ministry of sharing the gospel with generations of children to come. A simple service was held in the Children’s Theater, after which the crowd was dismissed and reconvened in the gym in order to break ground for the new Worship Center. Pastor Van issued a charge to those in attendance and the simultaneous dedication of one building and breaking ground for another was complete!

On May 2, 2010, we dedicated our current Worship Center and soon after began working on the design for remodeling our former sanctuary into the new Church Office, High School Room, Middle School Room and adult classrooms.

In the years that followed, these spaces would become important for the continued growth of our many ministry programs. Worship attendance would continue to increase, and many new families would join us in ministry to the Parker County area. North Side was honored to be one of the 100 Fastest Growing Churches in America in 2015, thanks in part to the completion of a church-wide study in the spring of that year.

New staff would join us, and others would move on to new ministry assignments. Each year, the depth of our involvement within the community and local school districts would grow. The pandemic of 2020–21 would challenge the church to adapt in many new ways as the world responded to this new reality. Our digital footprint would also grow during this time, including the construction of a video studio within the space that had previously housed our library.

Today, North Side Baptist Church continues to grow and add new programs to meet the needs of our congregation and community. Our church is known for its inspirational worship services; wide variety of Bible study classes for all ages; vibrant and diversified music ministry; weekday preschool ministry; active senior ministry; children’s ministry focused on the unique needs of elementary and preteen students; a thriving student ministry for middle and high school students; plus, various Bible studies and support groups for adults of all ages. Because of this wide net of ministry, NSBC has become known as “A Church for Every Generation.” A fitting description for a church that has actively served this community for 125 years. We’re thankful that you are part of our story. It is an exciting time to be a part of the history of North Side!

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