Parent Dedication

As a multi-generational church here in Parker County, we recognize that North Side is made up of all kinds of families – old and young, big and small – experiencing life and issues in so many different seasons. Our desire is to lead, care, and support you and your family no matter the makeup. One of the ways we are seeking to best accomplish this challenge is through our FAITH@HOME strategy which is based on a biblical belief that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship.

To support this belief and your family, we have a great tool in this enclosed Faith Path initiative to partner with you as you guide your child’s spiritual journey one step at a time. It is based on age-appropriate kits that have been created to help you leverage the best faith formation strategy for their stage of development. In this PARENT DEDICATION kit, you will find practical ideas and suggested resources to help you lead your family with an intentional plan as the spiritual leader of your home. Please start today by taking the following simple steps and look forward to watching your child and family grow in your biblical understanding, relationships, spiritual discussions, and life application.

Check out the provided video that explains this particular Faith Path step. This video comes directly from the original launch of Faith Path and is used in a partnership with LakePointe Church. You will hear from both experts and ordinary families as they describe the importance of intentional parenting and share practical suggestions from their experiences.  You will also find a guide that offers practical tips and what we consider the best resources on the topic.  

To help you get started, this kit includes Praying for My Child ideas.  Go ahead and start a routine in order to turn good intentions into practice. In addition, if your child is registered with North Side, you will receive an email at select birthdays with information on how to get the free kit appropriate for his or her age.  To confirm that we have birthday information on each child, please contact their age group pastor or the church office.  

We hope you find this kit helpful in the process of forming the faith of your child at home. It can be life-changing not only for your child, but your relationship with them and family as you walk through this kit and the Faith Path strategy together in the years to come. Feel free to visit with our staff below to learn more or to determine if your children are ready for other Faith Path steps.

“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” – Deuteronomy 6:6-7, NIV

Commit to Raise Your
Child in a God-Honoring Home

Congratulations! If you are reading this, your family was most likely recently blessed with a new baby or you’ve made a commitment to begin the process to become the primary disciple-maker of the young children in your home. As a church, we value this, commit to partner with you, and provide practical resources and counsel as you begin this incredible journey with your child.

Parent Dedication is a special family time in which you make a formal commitment to raise your child in a Christ-centered home. We see several examples in the Bible such as 1 Samuel 1:24 – 2:10 when Hannah dedicated Samuel at the temple and Luke 2 where Mary and Joseph dedicated Jesus. Ideally, we encourage you to make the commitment in front of your family and friends who are also dedicated to this process, and then celebrate it with the church body during a special weekend focused on families. The plan is for you to make a public pledge that you will raise your child to know, love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ. God designed the home as the primary place for faith to be nurtured. One way that we seek to partner with you is by providing resources throughout your child’s spiritual journey. We call this the FAITH PATH. Parent Dedication is the first step.

Parent Dedication is your commitment to model, teach, and reinforce the Christian faith. It should not be confused with your child’s personal choice to follow Christ. We believe the Bible clearly teaches that each person must decide for themselves to trust in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord (Romans 10:9-10).
The age a family is ready to make this decision will vary but your commitment to this dedication process is vitally important as this is the first step of discipling your child to follow Christ as you lead the way and build your home upon this spiritual foundation.

Ideas for making dedication a special time include…

Inquire at North Side with the Family, Preschool, or NSKids Pastor about possible dates for your family to schedule a special “dedication” weekend to begin the process of investing in your child and family through this public expression.

Have a dinner or celebration time with family and friends during the weekend of dedication. Reflect on the meaning of this weekend in your lives as parents with others and how family & friends can be a part of your child’s faith journey.

Invite family members and special family friends to write blessings to your child as a keepsake. Make sure that you write one too! (Include some favorite Scriptures and spiritual values that you commit to as parents in not only your dedication process but in the years ahead)

Record a video message for your child to view in the future. Speak words of affirmation, sharing how you are praying for their spiritual journey, lay out “spiritual values” you want them and your family to live by, and how you desire to point them toward Christ. Preserve the video to show them later. You can also write a letter if that works better for you.


How will you be intentional this next year?
  • Pray daily for my child.
  • Attend church regularly.
  • Consistently spend time in God’s Word.
  • Find a place to serve (EX: group leader, mission project)

The next step on the Faith Path is Blessing, recommended at age three. We will offer a Blessing kit to guide you.

Praying For My Child

Best Use  
As a guide to pray over your baby

Nutritional Value  
Begin the routine of prayer for and with your child

One of the most impactful investments we can make in our children’s faith formation is the habit of praying for them.  Rather than repeating the same simple prayers asking for health, happiness and safety, consider the ideas on the reverse side to expand your prayer life and establish a meaningful routine of praying for your child.

Prayers from their head to their toes  
You can begin praying for your baby during feedings or while he or she falls asleep in your arms. One simple method is to pray “from head to toes” by touching the child gently on the head as you pray and gradually moving your hand all the way down to his or her toes as you pray.

  • Head: “Give my child wisdom, discernment and an understanding of Your Word.”
  • Eyes: “Help my child see the truth and guard his/her eyes from impurity.”
  • Ears: “Let him/her listen to the Lord and those in authority.”
  • Mouth: “Help my child speak with truth and honesty and use his/her words to praise the Lord.”
  • Shoulders: “Let my child cast his/her burdens on the Lord and give him/her friends who will help him/her stand strong.”
  • Hands: “Help my child learn to work as unto the Lord with a servant’s heart.”
  • Heart: “Open my child’s heart to salvation, a love of scripture and concern for other people.”
  • Feet: “Inspire my child to follow the Lord all of his/her days.”

Praying Scripture
Another method is to begin praying scripture over your child inserting his or her name.  For example, pray Psalm 23 by saying “Lord, be CHILD’S NAME shepherd so HE/SHE shall not want.”  Jesus modeled the incredible power of combating Satan by speaking scripture aloud in order to align our desires with God’s purposes.


Baby and Child Care:  From Pre-Birth through the Teen Years by Paul C. Reisser and James C. Dobson

The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian

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