Faith Walk

Best Use
As a family time activity

Spiritual Value
An intentional time to introduce the Faith Path by discussing trust between family members and God.

Advance Preparation
You will need the following supplies
  • A blindfold
  • A Bible
  • Some items to create obstacles such as pillows, boxes, steps, chairs, cones, etc.
  • Faith Path guide

Serve It Up

SAY: “We are going to go on a special adventure together. The challenge will be that you will be blindfolded and will need to listen to my direction to help guide you along the way.”

DO: Blindfold your child. Once the child is blindfolded, set up a path of numerous obstacles for them to have to navigate through with your help. You can set other family members as obstacles and have them give “wrong” directions.

READ: Read Proverbs 23:19 to your child before you begin the activity.

ACTIVITY: Take your child’s hand and guide them through the challenging path. Direct them both vocally and physically as they come close to obstacles. Think of fun and creative ways for them to avoid the obstacles such as “take three jumps to the left” or “crabwalk forward till I say freeze.” Give encouragement and redirection when going the wrong way. When done, remove the blindfold and give high fives. If you have other children, reset the obstacles and take turns blindfolding and leading them through.

DISCUSS: Ask your child...
  • “What was it like not knowing next steps or obstacles before you?”
  • “Was it hard when another family member gave instructions?”
  • “Did some of the instructions seem strange or uncomfortable to you?”

Explain that God has given parents the opportunity and responsibility to guide their child’s spiritual journey. Share that there may come a time when the instructions you give will seem strange and may require trusting you. Also explain how other voices may try to mislead them as they get older.

READ: Look up Hebrews 13:5 and read it together.

DISCUSS: Not only do they have you as a parent, but God’s Word says that the Lord will never leave or forsake us. Let them know that you will be seeking the Lord together along this exciting journey. Look at the Faith Path guide together to determine which step your child/children are currently at based on age.

PRAY: Thank God for each member of your family and the exciting faith path that God has for each individual.