The Faith Handoff

Best Use
As a family time activity

Spiritual Value
An intentional time to emphasize why God wants families to build one another’s faith.

Advance Preparation
You will need the following supplies…
  • Something you can use as a baton to pass like a cardboard tube from an empty roll of paper towels or wrapping paper
  • A sharpie or marker
  • A Bible
  • A small rock

Serve It Up

READ: Invite the youngest reader in the family to read I Cor. 9:24 aloud and ask: What does it take to run a race well?

ACTIVITY: Find a place the family can run a relay race such as on the sidewalk or from one part of the house to another. Run the race several times by changing up the order of runners. Time each race. On the final attempt someone should “accidentally” mess-up the handoff causing that particular run to be slower or even disqualified.

DISCUSS: Explain that handing off the baton is the most important and risky part of every relay race. Invite input on why doing so is hard/risky. Be sure to mention that both the person giving and receiving must be alert and care about running the race well.

READ: Read aloud Psalm 78:5-7 and explain that God has given parents the most important baton pass in the world – passing a strong faith to their children and grandchildren. Explain that, just like in the relay race, helping children learn to know and love God requires an intentional effort.

ACTIVITY: Use a marker to write “FAITH PATH” on a small stone. Have the family sit in a close circle and pass the rock from person to person. Keep widening the circle until it becomes too difficult to pass the rock without tossing it.

DISCUSS: Explain that it is much easier to build one another’s faith if you work hard to keep close family relationships. Invite input on how you might do that such as spending time together, forgiving each other, affirming one another, etc.

READ: Read aloud Deuteronomy 6:5-9 then invite the kids to suggest times and ways your family can include talking about God’s word in your routine.

PRAY: Pass the “FAITH PATH” rock from person to person. As each person receives the rock ask them to ask for God’s help silently or aloud such as “Help me not drop the baton of faith”.