Adult Bible Study Classes

If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll soon discover just how important community is to everyone here. In fact, helping you build relationships is one reason we want to get you and your family connected as quickly as possible. One of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to do that is through our Sunday morning Bible Study groups. That’s because Bible Study Leaders and members engage in Bible study with a particular eye toward growing in Christ and in relationship with each other. They’re committed to walking through “real life” together. You see, our Sunday morning Bible Study groups are more than just classes, they are communities of like-minded believers who share many things in common including life-stages and children of the same ages. What’s more, these groups provide support for each other through all that life throws at them. From celebrating the arrival of a new baby to providing a compassionate shoulder during times of mourning, our people are here for each other. Best of all, there is a Sunday morning Bible Study group that is just right for you.

9:30am Bible Studies


ROOM 231
Members of this class are generally parents of high school through college age students as well as young adults.  These couples are “walking” out their faith in front of their children who are growing to embrace their own faith.


High School Room
Legacy is a class of 50-somethings through empty nesters (couples and singles) building a legacy through Bible studies, fellowships, friendships, active participation in a variety of church activities, and ministry within the church and our community.


ROOM 118
Praise is a fun and friendly group of empty nesters 50-65 yrs old who are committed to serving each other through dedicated group member care and relevant Bible study using a rotation of teachers. Class members enjoy a number of exciting activities and fellowship opportunities throughout the year.


ROOM 128
Fellowship men are the elder statesmen of North Side. Each Sunday morning they meet to discuss quarterly Bible lessons. Fellowship Men participate in the activities and outings of the Chapel Class.

JOY (WOMEN, 50+)

ROOM 216
The Joy class is a Christ-centered care group, sisterhood, and support group for ladies in their 50’s - 80’s. It includes singles, married, divorced and widowed ladies. They are an active group of women who meet for monthly fellowships and yearly mission projects.

Grace (Adults, 60+ empty nest)

ROOM 116
The Grace class is a large class, whose members are active within the church as well as the community and various civic organizations. They enjoy warm fellowship with one another and an active social calendar.

Glory (Adults, 60+ empty nest)

ROOM 130
This class is a large class filled with people from all walks of life and life stages. It’s made up of a wide range of ages from 60somethings to 80somethings. Glory provides many opportunities for members to share in life’s blessings and challenges. The class consists of multiple life groups, active couples, widows and widowers who take care of each other through warm fellowship.


ROOM 101
Active in church life and engaging in the Baptist Way Press expository quarterlies on specific Bible books, this group includes co-ed and women’s Bible study options. Members of the Chapel Class are generally senior adults ranging in age from 60s to 90+.

11:00am Bible Studies

NS College Ministry

Room 101 (Chapel)
NS-C is designed to provide college age young adults with the opportunity to become disciple making followers of Jesus Christ. Through in-depth Bible study, one on one discipleship, small groups, mission and adventure trips we seek to establish habits that will prepare you for a lifetime of following Jesus.

Equip (Singles)

ROOM 102
The vision of this post-college, pre-family group of adults is to be disciples and to grow in their knowledge of and love for the Lord. This class is built on strong biblical teaching with an emphasis on community and serving together.

Young Married (Couples, 20+)

ROOM 104
Led by Mark and Teresa Julian, this class is designed for young married couples, in their twenties or early thirties, with or without children. Engaged couples are also welcome to join us.


ROOM 232
This class is designed for couples with very young children. One Life seeks to build strong foundations for families that are built upon the lasting truth of God’s Word. The class frequently gathers for fun and fellowship and small Bible study/care groups.


ROOM 118
This class seeks to develop friendships with other parents while sharing the joy that is found in raising young children in a Christ-centered home. In addition to Sunday class, Pursuit members meet twice a month for a kid-friendly evening of fellowship and study.


Choir Room
Summit is all about doing life together. They enjoy study and discussion of important Bible topics and biblical approaches to life’s challenges. This class has regular fellowship opportunities that include girls’ nights out and community outreach programs.

Mckeown class (Adult, 40+)

ROOM 117
“The Class” is a small adult Bible study group that seeks to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which to study the Scriptures. This Adult Bible Fellowship class studies Lifeway’s Explore the Bible quarterly curriculum and enjoys getting together for socials and volunteer activities.


ROOM 231
Commitment is a welcoming class that explores new and exciting ways to study and apply God’s word. The adults that make up this class are connected to the North Side community and each other.

Journey (Adult, 40+)

ROOM 116
This class is a community of Christians going through life together and seeking God’s will for themselves and their families. Bible study and mission opportunity makes this class is a great place to connect to North Side for support and growth in Christ.


ROOM 130 (Fireside)
Maranatha is truly a multi-generational and multi-life stage class open to anyone who is interested in being challenged by the study of God’s Word. This class works together to serve Christ, each other, and the Parker County community.

MOSAIC (Adult, 40+)

ROOM 216
This friendly group studies a variety of biblical topics and discusses them within a Christian worldview. This class welcomes those who are looking to further their walk as a disciple of Christ.

Deaf Bible Study

ROOM 161
Taught by Chris & Stacey McKenzie, this class offers an in-depth Bible study experience for those in the deaf community. Chris has many years of experience as a missionary and Bible translator, and he brings a deep understanding of the Word of God to each lesson.

Common Ground (Adults, All Ages)

ROOM 128
Common Ground is for ladies of all ages and includes singles, married, divorced, and widowed. Regardless of marital status, these ladies are on Common Ground as they seek God’s will and take refuge in His Holy Word.