NSBC Bible Studies | Spring 2024

Wednesday Night Studies

Living By the Book

Proverbs 2:5-15 describes the benefits of reading, studying, and meditating on God's Word. By learning the fundamentals of observation, interpretation, and application, we can understand and apply the Word of God to our lives.
Mark Julian | No Book Required

Biblical Citizenship in Modern America

Being “salt and light” requires knowledge of the culture we are attempting to preserve and influence as we fulfill the Great Commission and “make disciples of all nations.” This class will discuss how to become a catalyst for restoring Biblical values in our city, state, and nation.
Adam Feriend  | Book $20 (Optional) 

Above all

Based on the book by J.D. Greear, discover the power of the gospel over the distractions of modern society and learn to prioritize gospel culture, mission, renewal, and unity in your life and church.
 Jim Garner

Women’s Study: Esther | Hearts Like Hannah

Explore the book of Esther to gain insight into how God works in our lives, even when He seems silent, to confidentially prepare us for the role He has chosen for us to fulfill His purpose. While our ministry focus is on those journeying through infertility, pregnancy, and infant loss, we know suffering is far-reaching. If you are in a difficult season, you have a place with us. 
Britni Julian & Meredith | No Book Required

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University is a comprehensive course that teaches you to take charge of your finances and achieve financial freedom. This program covers various topics, including debt reduction, wealth creation, and emergency savings. And, most importantly, it shows you how to give generously. Enroll in Financial Peace University and take the first step towards financial freedom.
Josh Riley | $20 (streaming option with pdf available for $60)

1, 2 & 3 John

Written by the apostle John, these books describe how believers are to walk in true fellowship with God, actively loving their brothers and sisters in the faith. In this class, we will delve into the primary themes and objectives of each letter.
Sandra Maughan | No Book Required

The Christmas Story

Have you ever wondered about the true story behind Christmas? Chuck Missler's book, "The Christmas Story," delves into the myths and history surrounding this beloved holiday. What actually took place in Bethlehem two thousand years ago? Who were the "Magi" and what was their significance? How did a virgin birth come into play? What is the connection between Christmas trees and the story of Jesus' birth?
Debbie Duncan | Book $6

Studies With Additional Meeting Time Options

Rooted Women’s Bible Study: Acts

We continue our focus on the book of Acts, which provides us with a historical account of the early church and emphasizes the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In Acts, we read about the apostles serving as Christ's witnesses, and we also gain insight into the gift of the Holy Spirit, who empowers, guides, teaches, and serves as our Counselor. If you have a desire to join other women in studying more deeply, this is the perfect study for you! (Also being offered on Wed morning, Fri morning & Sun evening)
Libby Hutchinson & Women’s Ministry Leaders
Wednesday morning, Friday morning, Wednesday night, & Sunday night options

Women's Study: Extraordinary Women

Women played a crucial role in God’s plan as revealed in the Old and New Testament. Their faith, hospitality, courage, and spiritual giftedness were essential to God’s redemptive work in history. This study will reveal fascinating information about these women and the chronology of God’s work through their lives. The same God who used ordinary people then continues to do so today.
Sam Fuller | Wednesday morning | Room 118

Feasts of the Bible

The nation of Israel was instructed by God to celebrate seven major feasts on an annual basis. These feasts had a dual purpose: to commemorate what God had done and to serve as illustrations of what is yet to come. We will take a closer look at each of these feasts to gain a deeper understanding of their significance as well as God’s plan for the ages. 
Debbie Duncan | Sunday Evenings | Book $10 (Optional)